(Solo Style Dance)




St. David's High Kirk,

Kinghorne Road, Dundee

Every Tues evening



Starts 6pm - 8pm 

(Beginner Basic Step Description - document can be found at the bottom of this page)


£4.50 per adult DANCEDUNDEE MEMBER

£3 per child (age 12 and above, MUST be  accompanied by a participating adult)





Dance routines taught with flavours of Funk, Swing, Pop, Latin & Rock.


There's no need for a partner 

and you can be sure of making lots of fun, friends and laughter!



So... Whatever you've heard previously about Line Dancing... put those thoughts aside and embrace the new culture of Line Dance that we know and love today.  


Contrary to popular opinion, Line Dancing was not invented by cowboys. Line Dancing has its origins initially in the 1960's soul music scene in America. Followed in the late 70's, early 80's by the trend of dancing in lines at the discos.  Then in the 90's along came Billy Ray Cyrus and his video to Achy Breaky Heart and it was only really then, that line dancing took off in the UK.


Modern line dance clubs teach to music, from all genres and all styles of music, including soul, rock, pop, salsa, big band sounds, Latin and Irish music as well as some modern day country music hits.



During the beginner's section of the class, we like to make it easy for our dancers to learn and master the routines and for the intermediate section of the class we offer more energetic and complex routines, for the more experienced dancers.


From the very first lesson, beginners will be able to enjoy dancing a whole range of line dance routines to various music styles, from the well known classics of the past, to the current hits of the here and now.  So what are you waiting for?!  Get yourself along to a class and join in the FUN!


Here's an example of one of the routines we've taught at our Intermediate class........ 



........and another one, which typifies today's new style (even though there is a cowboy hat in there).....

Basic Step Descriptions
POPLAROC Basic Step Descriptions.doc
Microsoft Word document [47.0 KB]