Pop-La-Roc Partners Dance Class




STARTING Thursday 27th June 2024



Following the huge success of our PopLaRoc Linedance Classes,

we are now introducing OUR NEW WEEKLY, BEGINNERS,



If you love music and dance then join us from the very start or at any point along the way as we ease you gently into some great classic routines



The venue will be St. Leonard's & St. Fergus Church Hall, St. Leonard Place, Dundee, DD3 9HD


The venue has its own extremeley large car park and is on the Number 1 bus route with a stop right outside.


It has a long and large rectangular dancefloor which is brand new at the end of April 2024 making for perfect conditions for the new class.



Thursday  7.30pm-9.30pm


It will be a 2 hour class and will be charged at £8 per person 'PAY AS YOU GO'.


Current DanceDundee members with existing Loyalty Cards for our other classes can use their existing cards with 2 hole punches on their card taken for each partner class per person and at the same time possibly qualifying you for the 'bonus classes'.


New members to the class can obtain Loyalty Cards at the class... see Mike. Same again...2 hole punches per person, per card, per class*. Loyalty Cards also allow you to attend our Zumba, FitSteps and PopLaRoc (Single) classes for the usual 1 hole punch per person, per card, per class*.


* Loyalty Cards are non transferable and cannot be shared. A couple attending would need individual cards. See Terms & Condition for full details.





Let's start off by saying what IT IS NOT..... it's not sequence dancing, It's not ballroom, it's not linedance (as you know it), It's not modern jive (Ceroc/LeRoc).


Everyone will be travelling around the outside of the dancefloor with a partner (in a hold similar to that of the Gay Gordons) while everyone dances the same routine, which we will have taught you all previously (anyone who missed the teach, we'll provide a quick run through prior). Some routines you may not be travelling, which is ideal for busy dancefloors at other functions.


Unlike sequence dancing or ballroom, this is considerably easier to learn with far less complicated steps so inexperienced dancers can pick this up much easier.


Yes, you'll need a partner but there's nothing stopping you attending alone and finding a like minded individual. We cannot guarantee you a partner but Elaine and Mike will, when possible, dance with non partnered individuals.


Do we mind same sex couples? Not at all! Two ladies or two men.... not a problem. It's quite the norm nowadays but it's advisable to keep to one person being 'the lead' and the other to being 'the follower' at classes.


REMEMBER .... classes start THURSDAY 27th June 2024

These photos reflect a typical partner class


  • Easy to follow routines
  • Great music new and old
  • Designed for beginners
  • Pay As You Go or Loyalty Card Offers
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere
  • Experienced instructors
  • Meet new friends
  • Huge on site car park
  • Bus stop (No. 1) right outside